Geoleader group carries out seismic acquasition quality control and HSE. Such services include control of contractor’s observance of project documentation, defining methodology and technology of field seismic works performing, completeness and quality control of seismic data processing and interpretation next stages, assessment of geological problems etc.

Our supervisors include:

  • 2D/3D Quality Control Consult
  • Geodesist/ Topograph
  • Vibrosourse Supervisor

 All kinds of supervising services are provided by highly-skilled and certified professionals with rich and diverse experience no less than 5 years in various seismological conditions. All our supervisors are confident users of relevant software and hardware (Geocluster, Geoland, PROMAX, SURFER & AUTOCAD, MESA, Pikeza, Velink, Sercel-388,408UL,428XL etc.).

Supervisors are present at the field works from the beginning of all kinds of works in number and terms defined by the customer. The list of work includes: 

  • HSE Supervising of 3D and 2D  Seismic Survey
  • comprehensive analysis of information for the area of planned Field Seismic Acquisition or Area of Operations
  • control of mobilization/demobilization of field crew of the Seismic Service Provider
  • primary technical audit of field crew
  • supervision of field trials
  • control of the execution of Field Seismic Acquisition
  • supervision of topographic surveying
  • control of Seismic Service Provider’s reporting documents
  • confirmation of Field Seismic Acquisition scope completed
  • informing Company of deviations from the Technical Assignment in the course of Field Seismic Acquisition including the number and quality of the equipment, productivity Field Seismic Acquisition and methods of Field Seismic Acquisition
  • reporting for the Work
  • seismic Service Provider's assessment
  • expert support of Field Seismic Acquisition including recommendations for introducing changes into the technology of the Field Seismic Acquisition and recommendations for additional field trials. 
  • etc. 

 Geography of works performed by our supervisors covers various territorial and climatic areas. We have experience of supervising services providing for such companies as Bashneft JSC, TNK-Uvat Ltd., Orenburgneft JSC and others.