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Software product developed in Russia - SeismicLoader. Designed to work with seismic, navigation and topographic data obtained during the survey. It is an auxiliary product for use in the PetroVision Databank.

The application has been actively developed for over 10 years. The first version of the product was presented at the end of 2011.






 The application allows extracting from input material:

  • Survey geometry - coordinates in a projection or geographic coordinate system.
  • Attribute information - the name of the survey/profile, the contractor, the coordinate system, the edge values of the curves, the date of creation / processing, etc. The set of retrieved attributes is user defined.


With the help of the application you can control the quality of the input material:

  • Visual quality control using the “Map” module;
  • Automatic quality control of the geometry retrieved: tracking duplicate points by coordinates and IDs, projection belonging, allowable gap in coordinates, angular anomalies and self-intersections 


There is also an opportunity of converting input data to other formats, viewing the retrieved data in the context of the existing material in the Databank and loading the material received into the PetroVision Databank.


The program supports data of the following formats:

  • SEG-Y (rev 0, 1, 2) - a format for storing completely or partially processed seismic data with sequential traces.
  • SPS, UKOAA, RPS, XPS, P1/90, P1/84 - navigation formats initially developed for describing conditions of marine seismic surveys, they are universal for describing the geometry of all kinds of surveys including land.
  • SHAPE - vector geographic file format, additional data are read from accompanying files.
  • CSV - textual representation of tabular data.


This functionality allows you to view the data of surveys and profiles, their visual interpretation, check the quality of the received material, reproject the data and upload it to the Databank.




All products of the company have the ability to work with data of uniform standards and are fully compatible with each other. Development is carried out taking into account the requests and wishes of users. The decisions applied correspond to expediency and logic, are adopted and revised on the basis of expanding and refining information.


The undoubted advantage is the variability of settings for each enterprise separately.

  • Setting up attributive information, both manually and automatically
  • Support for the structure of text/binary headers of seismic data files in accordance with the formats:
    • Default format (Segy rev. 1)
    • Charisma
    • SeisWorks
    • IESX
    • Kingdom
    • Jason
    • VoxelGeo
    • Explorer
    • GeoFrame
    • Sismage
    • Oedegaard
    • Hampson Russel
    • GeoGraphix
  • Formation of map layers from objects already loaded into the database or third-party shapefiles


Any setting is feasible both with the help of the company's specialists, and independently after training.




The software product is tested at every stage of its life - from the initial realization of the idea to its implementation - but the support does not end there. Another advantage is the possibility to stay in communication with technical support, ready to clarify the situation and promptly resolve the issues that might arise, as well as timely transfer information to the developers for making changes.


Development prospects

Software development forges ahead, and the following functionality is planned for release in the near future:

  1. Reading formats:

    1. Seismic - segd,

    2. Navigation - p1/11, p2/11

  2.   Expanding the ability to reproject data

  3.   Expanding map functionality - additional supported maps:

    1. Landscape map

    2. Topographic map

    3. Geographic map


At the same time, work is underway to improve the existing functionality.



 System requirements


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or higher (including compatible OS)


  • minimum: 4 GB
  • recommended: 8 GB


  • OpenJDK 11 or higher.




The SeismicLoader software product has proven its worth both in the domestic and foreign markets.

Russian market Foreign market